What do you see from your window



I have to admit, is a true challange to capture hope and beauty during such a difficult time. But, sometimes, a simple peak from someone else’s window may take you straight to that place. Hello, and welcome to my lockdown exhibition based on the views shared through people’s windows across the world. This unique miniature painting collection have been painted by applying a one-of-a-kind technique. A piece of leather constitutes the base which was prepared in accordance with a formula inspired by the techniques of Leonardo da Vinci.  The Renaissance formula has been adapted in order to allow for modern materials to be used in the painting process, the artist opting for several techniques (water colour, water colour pastels, tempera accents and ink) so as to portray the grace as well as the movement of her characters.  I transformed my own studio in an alchemist’s laboratory, experimenting for a long period of time in order to discover the right formula which would confer the artwork that intense colour effervescence as well as durability. This style of painting came to me through the brief description of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting La Bella Principesa, presented by Martin Kemp and Pascal Cotte in the book with the same name.  As for the leather base, it was prepared using primer in order to enhance elasticity and strengthen the leather. Moreover, the primer is based on Gum Arabic (a substance also found in the colour mixture) which makes for a proper overlap of pigments and the conservation of colour vivacity over time. Finally, the artworks have been glazed with special kinds of varnish which do not allow for water to damage the painted surface.


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